Hatemail from Bhutan

December 21, 2007

People do crazy things when they hate someone. For example following this post by me on the Mutiny. A certain gentleman in Bhutan downloaded my photograph from this blog, spent a few minutes to create the image, upload it on photobucket by setting up a fake account and then mailed it to me.


Seriously. How many of you guys can show off hatemail from Bhutan?



December 21, 2007

No, I’m scripting an another Om Shanti Om, the title of this post refers to my intention of breathing some life into this blog again. I’ve been away for a while – mostly busy setting up a publishing company and spending time with my now 11 month old daughter.

I’ve made a few posts on Mutiny.in and my wife Honey made a few posts here to keep things rolling.

Now I intend to be more regular here.


Mary In Munich

August 14, 2007

Mother and daughter for the first time in Europe.

Its Mary’s first holiday outing in 7 months and mine in 23 years…………..dont ask me why!

Jacob and I was a little worried at the start of the trip for Mary. We had to literally carry her whole wardrobe for her but it was more than worth it. I believe she enjoyed it more than anyone:-)

Munich was fabulous. We spent the first two days in the city and the last day in the Bavarian country side. We were lucky to have the advantage of having a local friend to show us around, which means we had more than regular tourist fun…haha. Thanks to Volker and his lovely family.


Im sure everyone comes back from Europe with a wow feeling. I was talking to Tina yesterday, she spends a lot of time for work in Ireland. What I found most interesting in Munich was how Catholic the place was. They had amazing churches and all the old bavarian houses had Jesus and Mother Mary clad on all walls on their homes,paintings on cupboards, cricifix inthe hallways etc. Surprisingly they have the same photos or drawings you could say as the religious pictures seen in Kerala. And I have it all covered. Our friends named me photo graphy freak. Jacob had to throw in that comment quite often just to not feel embaressed with me clicking away every minute. They will thank me later…Im sure!



July 24, 2007


Lately Jacob is occupied with all the activity on mutiny and I’ve run out of excuses for not getting on this site. So, for now, I’ll update the Puthenparambil family story for everybody and Jacob will peek in occasionally to entertain you with his great posts.

I should really go back to Kunju Mary’s baptism which we obviously missed out.

Amma, Appan,Tina and Rosemol was in Dubai for an amazing two week vacation. After which we all went down for a 3 day vacation to pulincunnu. Kunju Mary’s first trip home. She was baptised on the 1st of June at Latin Church in Trissur. Latin church particularly and Achankuttan for reasons more than one :-)

Pappa, Amma and Chettan had put up a great lunch party after. It was nice to be back home for an occasion, the last one we were there for being the wedding!

Good fun is short lived but great memory and we were all back to work in a jiffy.


ignored no more

July 14, 2007

Past few weeks have been rather busy. Finally I’ve a homeowner in Dubai.  Most of my online action was limited to the mutiny. Now with broadband at home, I should be more regular here.



July 13, 2007

It’s ok. The bearded phase in my life is now over. Yesterday, I finally shaved.

For a couple of hours my daughter had no clue who I was.


New face of the Mutiny

April 13, 2007

The Great Indian Mutiny blog has a new face.

Check it out and let me know what you you think :-)